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10 Jul


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CAREEM has been my first choice ever since I had my first experience with this particular car service. My job keeps me busy, it involves travel, shoots and takes up a lot of energy before I could go back to sleep. So I try to pamper myself for a bit, sit back and relax. With CAREEM car service I find my daily bust full schedule at an ease. It makes my daily commute easy and comforting. Their service is remarkable! They give you the best trained and top notch captains, ensuring safe rides.
I always look forward to have a productive day, no matter the energy it demands I need my work done on time. Affordable and reliable scheduled rides with CAREEM make it so much easier. Now that CAREEM takes care of my travel, I can sit back and have complete focus on my work.
 Taking yourself to business meetings is quite a task. It’s important that you relax and prepare yourself for the meeting. On top of everything imagine getting tensed over a parking spot. At such situations, I book rides from CAREEM, their comforting and smooth rides help me keep my pace and have my full attention on the meeting.
Even if it’s a last minute plans, you just have to open up the app and book your cab, your ride arrives within minutes. Isn’t that relieving? Hassle free days even under the pressure of workloads is all I want.
I love driving but there are days when Doha temperatures become super high, and you cannot imagine getting out of the car from the parking lot and walk, but with CAREEM smart dispatching and advanced fleet management services, make your weekends more happening.




CAREEM is committed to make their customers happy with new offers and discounts. And this time they have come up with this amazing package deal to make your rides more comfortable and in your budget.
Now, you pay only 34 QAR and to get 3 rides each up to 13 QAR!
With a higher package you get to save more
Package 2: Pay 59 QAR and get 6 rides each up to 13 QAR
Package 3: Pay 89 QAR and get 10 rides each up to 13 QAR
Package 4: Pay 169 QAR and get 20 rides each up to 13 QAR
Users can purchase these packages by using their credit card or top up in the ride with captain or by simply using your Careem credit.
Buying a package is super easy. All you have to do is open the CAREEM app  go to the menu, select a package option and choose the package you want to buy!
Make your rides this summer smooth and comfortable with Careem and don't forget to share your CAREEM experience with me.


I hope you loved this amazing offers by CAREEM.
Signing off for now,
Until my next post
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