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Do people take you seriously as a businesswoman? It often happens that people do not tend to offer you the respect and attention you deserve. They don’t let you be influential.

I know, it can be difficult to command the authority and have a strong influence. With a small stature, high-pitched voice and a face that appears younger than my actual age, I could be mistaken for “if and buts”. And to be honest I really don’t like cute comments about looking young because when it affects your business then you’ll think its time to get into action and create a powerful and an influential image.

In business I want to be a boss lady, an enterprising woman with tenacity, drive and with good looks to be influential anywhere I’m present and pass through any door. describes ‘Boss Lady’ as a business-woman who is good looking and authoritative in her business domain. If you want to be a boss lady you have to influence your contacts using your image, and tell them sub-consciously that you are masterful and in-charge despite of your small stature. Here are my strategies to strengthen your influence and look elegantly powerful.

1.      Poise and Posture
Wearing the right clothing is just not enough when communicating your authority. Clothing will help you get into character, but your behaviour is just as powerful. Studies have proved that a good body posture creates an improved confidence among an individual. A quick way to improve your body language is to practice proper posture and poise.

For good posture:
·        Stand squarely on both feet with your knees slightly bent.
·        Slightly tuck hips and pelvis in a forward motion (the motion feels like you are squeezing yourself into a tight pair of jeans).
·        Align your spinal vertebrae from your tailbone up to the crown of your head.
·        Keep your chest open with your shoulders slightly back.
·        Tilt your chin down and keep your face looking forward.


2.      Design of your wears.
Elements of design also contribute to the overall picture you create for your audience. Circles, flowers, hearts and rounded prints project a soft, romantic or gentle spirit. You want the opposite. Choose linear styles. Stripes, plaid and checkers communicate strong themes of logic, reliability and stability.

A skirt with a top, a dress with a line cut, jeans with a top which has frills or net gives a more feminine and a more softer look, on the other hand blazer suits, pencil skirts,  dresses and mid waist to floor length pants with a shirt tucked in and a jacket  gives a more powerful and bossy look which makes you look strong with decision making skills.


3.      Never let your emotions control your decisions.
Another quality that influential people possess is the ability to control their emotions in tensed situations. Never let your emotion have any grip over your decisions. You can overcome your emotions and remain poised in challenging situations with these four steps:

·        Look up: Keep positive energy flowing by briefly looking up. It’s hard to be negative when you are looking upward. The opposite is true when you are looking down.
·        Take a deep breath: Take a deep cleansing breath in through your nose and feel it go down to your lower backfilling your lungs. Exhale through your mouth. This will increase the flow of oxygen to your brain allowing you to think more clearly.
·        Pause: Take the time to detach yourself from the emotions of the situation, so you can make a clear decision.
·        Act: Make a choice of action and just do it.


Outfit -Zara

Glasses- Aldo

Bag - Braccialini


Part of being successful is having the ability to be decisive and stick to your decisions. Effective people make good decisions quickly and make their business associates trust their stance. Your ability to be direct and communicate exactly what you want in a few words will show your command and authority. If you’re indecisive, you’ll come off as a free spirit and people would treat you like one who simply goes where the wind blows.

Being powerful is not the same as looking powerful. No one sees your intelligence, talents, or resources upon first impression. They see what you’re wearing, how you’re acting, what you’re saying. If your appearance, behavior and communication aren’t in line with your abilities, you are short-changing yourself. Show your true potential and dress your image to reflect the power within you.

Power dressing never fails to give women the confident boost that they need on days when they aren’t feeling like their best. Pulling off the Girl Boss look may be a little challenging but it surely is worth it. Whether or not you actually go to an office, power dressing is certainly something that boasts your inner confidence and is something that you should do every once in a while.

Signing off for now

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Let me know if I missed covering some points in this article I might add those in "HOW TO BE A BOSS LADY" part 2.

Until my next post,

Stay voguish Stay humble,



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