Congratulations Apeksha for winning this lovely perfume.

And here is the Answer to you question.

Well I'm not being superficial when I say I checked your blog and found you very cute. Even in your cuteness I must say that your face tells the story of a authentic  and honest person which is very rare and you are blessed with both.

Now coming to your blog. I would like to say that I love your post on your website and the detailed content in it. Even though I would like to advise you to add a little to your social media about your area of interests  which is unclear as of now.

Secondly, I would advise to have quality content which means having amazing visuals because that's what keeps the audience engaged. So no excuse when it comes to mastering this area. Watch YouTube videos about photography and editing and keep watching them until you are not satisfied with your work. In my openion a good blogger should be aware and good at every aspect of their work. Initially you can use a good phone camera or if you have a digital camera that would be the best.

Use good apps to edit images,  personally I use photoshop on my mobile which is very easy and gives good results for post production work.

I would also adivce you to make it sure  that your captions are related to the picture your posting.  As a lot of people post captions which do not compliment their picture. Don't do that, try to  keep it simple and related to your picture.

Try to ignore posting personal content as much as possible. Trust me on this because it messes your business with personal life, it's fine once in a blue moon though. So if you mean business keep your personal and professional life separate.

Know that it is quality information which will give you a strong foundation. People are more keen to 2 things which is either information or something that can attract the eye so pay close attention to both these areas.

Lastly but the most important Have passion!!!  because everything takes time.  Don't lose it if you don't get good results initially. Consistency is key to a long term success. Make your interests your speciality so that you don't get bored of the job you are doing and it will also help you in finding your own unique style instead of being the same as everyone else.

There is  lot  to share,  but will go step by step. So for now iam signing off by hoping the best for you. feel free to connect with me  for any other queries.

Until my next post

Stay voguish Stay humble