I’m not sure if many of you know how the word ‘hind’ is derived from, but today’s article will definitely strike you with wonder.

Let me start with briefing you with the origin of word ‘Hindu’.

The word ‘Hind’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sindhu’, the mighty river, popularly known as Indus. The Persians used the word ‘Sindhu’ to refer to the people from land of Sindhu. With ‘S’ pronounced as ‘H’ in their accent. So, the word ‘Hind’ came into existence.

But when I was new in Qatar, which was also my first time that I had moved to Middle-East, I came to know that some people use it to refer to anything which is not high class. Let’s say when somebody is not dressed properly or if they acted or mean to call something that’s inelegant, they would use this term. they’d say “Why are you looking so hindi?” or “Why are you behaving hindi?”

I found this very strange and unacceptable. It is really disappointing to see how people stereotype Hinds as. I’ve had a lot of conversations where I have known how people think about India.

I do acknowledge that there are some sections of people in India, who are not very stable economically and could not have good education. People from middle-eastern countries hire them specially for their domestic work. But this doesn’t imply that all Indians do not have good lifestyle and are inelegant. I wonder why people think this way.

As of my knowledge, we have 100s of brands in India which is well known for its elegance and class. Chanel, Rolls-Royce, Rolex, Prada, Gucci, Cartier are few of them to name. These brands believe that India can carry and keep up the class of the brands and afford them. But disgustingly, some people in Arab think that Hindi means no class and inelegant. This raises a question in my mind, “Who is idiotic?” All these brands running successful business or some Arabs who stereotype hinds as no class.

Let us see this way, “How many Qataris live in Qatar?”. It would be around 300k or 400k. Do all of them have Rolls-Royce, Yachts, apartments in foreign countries etc? The answer is definitely ‘no’. Not all have all these Luxuries.

India has a population of around 1.3 Billion. Some people in Middle-East think that in this huge population, we would not be having 300k rich people. And let’s say that India doesn’t have rich people and India is all about slums and poor needy people. Then isn’t it strange how 100s of people here are buying Rolls-Royces. How are thousands of people in India are spending money to buy BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar sport cars every year? How Indians are investing in foreign countries?

Many thanks to the corrupt politicians and businessman in my country, who prefer keeping their black or white money in their Swiss Bank accounts rather than keeping it in their own country.

Now, this stereotyping Hinds as inelegant is making the youths of my country feel embarrassed. They would hide their identity in Abaya, Thobe or any other fake things, which can make them appear as Non-Indian to gain temporary attention and respect. I have only one question, “Why and until how long will you hide yourself?”

It’s not a crime to be from India or Asia and to come from Middle class family. So, why do you guys not have the guts and the confidence to stand for what you actually are? If not you than who is going to bring the change?

Now, to the Asians who are living in Qatar. I know this generation is not quite confident to be called as Asian. And that’s the prime reason why many of Asian youths don’t like to look somebody who is from Asia. They don’t want to speak accent that makes them appear as loud and proud Asians. I’ve also come across some asian youth in Qatar who prefer to flaunt around as to be Non-Asians. But ignoring your roots and hiding your originality behind Abaya, Thobe, makeup, accent or anything fake is a sign of a weak person. It is like not being true or honest to your own self. And when you are not honest to your own self then how will you be honest and authentic to the people around you? How will you create an atmosphere for the coming generation where they will be confident and proud on their own roots?

I acknowledge that many of you are absolutely gorgeous, and have looks like that from royal families with super elegant body language with amazing style. You are fluent with all languages from Arabic to English, till Asian languages. You sound very beautiful like people belonging to well-educated families who can make their country proud, but still you lack the confidence on your roots making us look like we don’t deserve to get respected for what we are?

Can I just ask you to stop making yourself looking like you are not proud on your roots ? So that the people can start respecting you and others who belong to you for what you are or from where you are rather than being somebody else.

How will we bring the change?

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