How to style a Lucknowi kurti for every occasion???  What goes well with them?  Does it suit every body type?  Etc etc, the list of questions never ends when I share my love for Lucknowi kurti with anyone.

 As a designer I always love experimenting with my looks and styles but when it’s time for me to get into self mode there are very few things that I favor. And one of them is my endless collection of Lucknowi Kurti’s. I adore them all, each consisting beautiful thread work details. They were picked up by me during my street shopping hunt in India. No brands and labels, just simple street style, yet it provides so much comfort and ease.

 I feel they help me escape from the chaos of brands, heavy layers of make-up, high heels and chunks of accessory. Sometimes I get drawn to the magic of simplicity, less is more becomes my mantra and then all the masks are taken off. I become myself; I feel the simplicity of life is just being you.

 Each and every piece of my collection is unique, even if they are all white and has no bling. To create the magic you don’t need too many things, just one element is enough and these pure white Lucknowi Kurti’s does that job perfectly. You can pair them up with jeans, cotton skirt, leggings, dhoti pants, palazzos: its goes well with everything and any can be worn on any occasion too.

 The history of Lucknowi Kurti’s is also very interesting. Lucknowi Kurti’s are very similar to an a-line dress which usually comes with a kali or panel and traditional chikan embroidery. ‘Chikankari’ is the name given to the delicate art of hand embroidery traditionally practiced in the city of Lucknow India. The art of Chikankari is 400 years old. It is believed that this Persian craft came to India with Noorjahan, the queen of Jahangeer. There is also another famous tale that tells how a traveler taught Chikankari to a peasant in return of water to drink, however, the Noor Jahan story is the most popular of the lot.Chikankari began as a type of white-on-white embroidery but with the changing time evolves as a colorful pattern form. Though Chikankari originated as a courtly craft, sponsored by the aristocrats, today it is an art practiced in Lucknow with pride.

 To share a small secrete with my viewers, I have 29 white Lucknowi Kurti’s in my collection, all of them loved and treasured equally. I truly love the amazing delicate Chikankari work on it, rich and beautiful. Whenever I spot a beautiful piece of them, I don’t think twice before grabbing it. Trust me you flaunt them once and complements will start flowing towards you.

  For my current post I have done a little different styling, made an effort of creating a simple look with just contrast accessorisation with lehariya dupatta, green juttis and chandbalis to add a little bling to the white attire. All done with the hope that my viewers would like it as for me simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

Top from Streets of Mumbai, Shoes -Needledust, Earrings -Jewel couture, Dupatta ( stole)  from  Streets of Indore.

Hope you enjoyed the article and visuals

Until my next post

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