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24 Sep


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Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer discounts or run as many promotions as you want to bring in new customers. 

But if your customer service is poor customers won’t return back. 

There are many brands and Stores in Qatar which are famous for their poor customer service and even if their product is the best product, many people ignore stepping into the stores if they have ever experienced rude behaviour or have been ignored by the staff.

 But today we are not going to talk about the brands which are famous for their poor customer service 

 today we are focusing on the  brands

 where I felt they offered really good customer service and because of that iam their regular customer.

So lets start...

I’m a huge fan of the brands and places who trained their staff to give a sincere welcoming smile which says “I’m glad to see you” 

We all know a sincere smile is contagious and it uplifts the mood of the customers too,  and when our mood is good we end up shopping more, Isn’t it? 

Because I have experienced it many times.


So ill start with the one which is one of my most favorite shopping destinations in Qatar, not only because of their amazing customer service but also because they have almost everything under one roof for fashion lovers and that is DEBENHAMS.

I am a frequent visiter at DEBENHAMS and I appreciate the efficiency and small details that go into their retail services. The store looks Modern, trendy and spacious and is Easy to move around in,

 I love the way their sales staff makes me feel. They have a very approachable presence, humble body language and I don’t know if its just me or all the visitors can feel that the staff at Debenhams always has a sincere smile on their face .

 And honestly that’s one of those places in Qatar  right now where I rush for shopping when I know I don’t have enough time to browse around.

They have an amazing collection of fashionable and latest outfits. they also have good ranges of beauty brands 

I also like their bedsheets collection as they are unique and good in quality.

High five to Debanams trainer for the amazing work.

Do visit the store and let me know how your experience was.




My 2nd most favorite store to visit is MANGO at the mall branch. Iam truly in love with their customer service their staff is so friendly and helping.

They always make my shopping experience easy, fast and happy. Its been years since I’ve been a regular visitor at mango the mall branch and ill be really honest I visit that branch because I am super confident that the mall branch of Mango has the best customer service compared to their other stores in Qatar. As their staff is gracious & has Good vibes. Though the store is a little small compared to other branches it’s fine with me if I get a good customer service with a nice collection.




The next is Jareer book store located at Jaidah square is one of my favorite place to buy electronics and stationary products.  Thats one of those places in Qatar where I always spend more time than I planned because they have a library there and my Daughter likes to spend a little more time to read her favorite books. I really like the place because it is clean modern & easy to move around 

Their staff is very attentive and the vibes of the store are amazing peaceful & the place is incredibly spacious. The best part about Jareer store is that you don’t have to find somebody to assist you as they have plenty of staff to take care of you.




If there is place I should be giving a 10/10 for for welcoming the customer from the entry point, its the Malabar gold and diamond store at Old airport road.

They always have plenty of staff to receive customers from the gate and proceed to guide them to the right counter. I have shopped multiple times from Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

 They have a wonderful collection of different types of jewelry in gold and precious stones. The amazing fact is that apart from the heavy diamond jewelry collection meant for a bride, they also have a variety of daily wear collections. 

 Overall its a wonderful and satisfactory place for gold and diamond shopping.

The Only downside is that this is such a popular place, weekends are generally really packed.  

I’ve gotten a nice collection of malabar jewelry and I will share it sometime in the future so keep watching the upcoming episodes.



And the next is Luxury signature

If you are looking for a perfect gift for men around you, I would highly recommend Luxury signature. Iam a frequent visiter of their store, I generally go there when I am looking for unique gift items.

the store is located at dfc and they have a decent customer service. the store is also decent in size & is very clean and has a pleasant interior. You might find them a little pricey but that’s fine with me because i always prefer to gift something which is not easy available everywhere and looks interesting . i might share some items in the future which I have gotten from their store  for my husband so stay tuned.



Also try retag store located at the oil airport they have amazing customer service and almost everything under one roof for fashion lovers.  Redtag is one of those shopping destination which offers you fashionable trendy stuff without hurting your wallet too much. do check them out.


Apart from these places, there are brands who had the best customer service but since they changed their staff the customer service has fallen down so badly that I had to discontinue  visiting them.

I wish they would improve it again.

 So that’s all for  today and never forget to praise the brand or places for their amazing customer service to boost the motivation of the staff.  I always do that. And I believe You can make someones day by praising them for their efforts. 

 let me know in the comment box below which are the brands and places in Qatar where you had best or worst shopping experience or customer service.

And ill see you in the next episode 

Stay Voguish Stay Happy




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