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21 Jul



You might have heard stories about black magic. If I talk about fashion and styling, you can actually do magic with black.
Everyone puts their effort for what they want to achieve or desire … But I use this magic of black colour marvelling with minimum efforts hahaha.”Wearing black” as if I am doing some kind of magic.
Black is the most desirable and fashionable colour, It allows you to carry a wide range of makeup and accessories. I think, black is the special colour for girls, it makes you look beautiful and slim and you can wear it wherever and whenever you want. These days black is the new bold colour which is breaking the traditional rules and ruling in most of the occasions.
Be it a Friday night party or cultural event or a family gathering, I found this gorgeous woman around me in black.
In Europe, black is the new winter colour and 90 % of winter clothes are just black, just imagine a white bed of snow with the beautiful people in black...(roaming around in Shhhh
I was really excited when we planned this shoot because this is one of my favourite looks.. But guess what??? The man who behind the camera didn’t allow me to laugh. He said “I see elegance with this attire, so you are not allowed to laugh” and I followed him,
After I finished this shoot, I was amazed!! I looked sexy in each of the shot and realised, sometimes men are also correct. (Don’t smile but you can laugh about it hahaha).
I am wearing this gorgeous dress from Gzal, Neckpiece from Aldo and stiletto of Charles and Keith. You can try this beautiful combination, but believe me, with black it’s a never ending a love story, with everyday excitement and experiences... I will share all of the mine and be ready to make it yours...
Hope you liked it

Until my next post
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    • Nafaiz

      Women think all colors except the absence of color. They forgot Black has it all. Their beauty absolute in Black.

      July 25, 2015 at 6:00 am Reply

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