Winters, the season which inspires you to spend few extra hours at home with family and get cozy with yourself..
I'ts a passive time to take your favourite quilt and blankets and just rest back and enjoy!
In winter we mostly alliged to be home simply avoiding to move out because of the cold.
So, I feel winters are a gift to us by god indicating us to spend a little more time at our home with our family also reading books with soft genre and pursue our hobbies. Choosing a warm corner at our home becomes our favourite winter spot to spend time with a cup of coffee. ah heaven!
But it has it's cons too. What I don't appreciate in winters is looking like a bundled up mess before stepping out, Clothes over clothes, thermos, sweaters, scarfs we feel too much layered and heavy!
But this winter looks favourable to shoppers as we have plenty of good options and prefrences where we can hunt those stylish winter wear.
I went winter shopping a few days back and got a couple of amazing outfits. My last shopping enforced me to spend few extra bucks because I constituted so many stylish winter friendly options.
This stunning winter body fitting dress flaunts your body shape very well. It has cuts and patterns in this cable knit fabric. Therefore this sleeveless ribbed gown got my eye at sudden because the fabric is warmer and the pattern is ultra stylish. This stunning dress is from MANGO. Their collection has very subtle and elegant winter outfits that you can style everyday. I go for a lot of meetings in the mornings and so I got a really pretty formal woolen dress and styled it for you guys. I loved the side slits of this gown and its perfect for this winter street style.
It's a super comfortable warm dress which looks very formal. Also, it must be so obvious for you now to see blues and blacks in my blogs coz they are my utmost favourite.
I love wearing these pretty woolen dresses colours like black, blue, maroon and grey. These winter shades make the perfect outfit in cold mornings.
Apart for such elegant dresses, MANGO has a wide range of jackets. For meetings and going for lunch, I prefer the look I did for you in this blog post. For hanging out with your friends and a fun evening. I love the fitting of the outfits and denims by MANGO.
I styled this dress with a long cardigan in order to add extra layer which are appropriate for winters.To complete the look by keeeping it classy, those lovely boots are more than enough.
Keeping bare minimum accessories you help highlighting your outfit better. The watch is from police and those gorgeous earring from Iam.
So, winters is a season of love, warmth, spending more time with your family, eating whatever you want and stepping out with class and confidence. Hope you liked this blog too.
Until my next post
Stay Voguish Stay Happy