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3 Jan


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Being choosy and little cautious might be annoying sometimes but when it comes to things or people about whom you are not confident of, then it’s ok. Adjusting and compromising is not my cup of tea and it’s also not good every time. Being my loyal readers, you all know me well that I don’t fall in the adjusting kind category. Even when it comes to my work I m involved at every stage of creation, trying to present the best quality work and never compromising at any cost, as I believe in keeping my loyal readers trust intact. The same attitude and prospective I expect from others which is I think is very small thing to ask for, especially when it comes to my skincare. Being a highly skin conscious person, it’s very difficult for me to trust any skin clinics or skin consultant easily with my skin. I use to often fly out of Doha if I need to take any skin treatments, as every skin or face no matter how pretty it is, needs that special care to maintain its beauty.
For every women, when she enters any skin clinic, the trust for being comfortable to give themselves in someone’s hand freely, is achieved by the skin consultant , she is the one who helps them to make this most important decision. Today I can very happily say that finally I feel so lucky to found that place where I can be free and relax and let someone make the decisions on behalf of me for my skin.” Silkor”

You know Attractive, gorgeous, enchanting, charismatic all these adjectives are associated with a beautiful face. A face that sparks the shine and captivates everyone around it. Every women dreams to be that face which gets the attention and for that she would do everything that is possible for her. Even I m not exception to that statement as I also make every possible effort to maintain and groom my beauty as much as possible.
In my hunt for finding a best beauty care centre in Doha, which I can trust completely with my skin and beauty, I came across Silkor. Silkor is a Luxury laser and aesthetic centre which offers a good number of services to its clients such as laser solutions, skin solutions, slimming solutions, medico-aesthetic services, cosmetic and plastic surgery to name the few. Silkor’s mission is to provide the smoothest, most soothing and least intrusive luxury laser medico-aesthetic and skin care treatments. With the help of a dedicated medical advisory team and knowledge of new progressive technology, Silkor continuously evaluates new therapies, equipment and procedures to ensure best results and value for its clients.
My experience with Silkor started with a personal consultation with their in house consultant. The session was very interesting as after observing my skin I was suggested few treatment which would benefit my skin. I went through three different treatments namely derma rollers, plasma and SPA peeling trusting the suggestions of the Silkor staff. After the treatment I could see a major positive difference in my skin, it feels more soft, fresh and young. The dryness of the skin is reduced along with improved skin tone. All together I was entirely satisfied and happy with the flawless service provided by Silkor.
The uniqueness in the whole experience of Silkor was they provide honest opinion and consultation. An authentic place where the staffs never persuades the clients for highly priced and unnecessary treatments if it’s not required, they give a sincere advice keeping in mind the well being of their clients. You can completely trust them with your skin health just like the way I did. A whole new enriching experience would be coming soon again and hope you guys also would try them out.

I hope you you found it useful,

Until my next post,

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