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28 Mar

HAIR ESSENTIALS- 3 OILS for healthy locks

Hair Care! Something that’s making me comeback to writing about, on a popular demand with numerous mails for tips & tricks!
Hairdo, well let’s term it as that for now as we’ve all been trying a lot of stuff to keep them shiny, bouncy & healthy.
Ever since I was little, I’ve been used to applying hair oil and trust me on this one my hair have ever since been frizz free & healthy. My mom & even my grandmother for that matter of fact have been in a habit of applying hair oil.
So here it is, Coconut oil, Olive oil & Castor oil. These miracle oils have been savior to me since childhood & have been really helpful to me in maintaining my hair, even on those “bad hair day”.
Easily available at local store, this therapy works wonders be it any weather!
So, this is how you do it, mix the oils in equal amount & warm it up. Ensure its warm enough to be applied & not boiling hot. Massage gently down the scalp & move towards the length of your hair. Ensure that you do this before bedtime so it can be left over night & washed off the next morning. Also it’ll be great if you could wrap a hot towel around your hair for about 15 minutes before washing it off. Repeat this twice a week.
This is a great therapy for people who seek to get rid of frizzy hair or are facing hair loss. Also works great for people who wish to keep their hair healthy for long.
If you’ve got dry & frizzy hair, I would recommend increasing the Castor oil quantity. Oh! There’s one small catch to it though, make sure you’ve got the next day to yourself. The reason being said so is that you will need multiple washes to get it off & finally have shiny locks!
I hope this works. Do try & write in to share your experiences. Waiting to hear from all you beautiful people.
Until my next post

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