I may not be a glitter person but this festival season has cast its magical spell on me, making me a fan of sparkle this time. These festivals are such that during this time you can actually dress yourself in full glitter from head to toe and still look chic and elegant without being criticized as overdressed. In my current style shoot I have decided to follow this feeling of my heart to sparkle and this sparkle I have achieved in collaboration with Bershka Brand. Bershka is a fashion leader for the latest trends for those who want to express themselves through bold and colorful designs in an exciting fusion of fashion, music and street art. They offer a wide spectrum of styles ranging from sports to casual wear for young men and women.  Their latest fall winter 2016 collection has helped me in creating this festival glitter look.

The current style look is being created by combining different pieces of clothing together for creating a chic party look. The sliver glitter top with hints of brown is matched with a black pleated skirt which is one of hot running style presently. The soft woolen brown coat is added up to complete the winter look for the style. As far as accessories in the look, minimalistic concept has being kept in mind to keep it more sopisticated. A beautiful pair of long colorful earring along with ankle length leather boots. This can easily recreated as a party wear for this season but with little care as matching the stylish pleated skirt in vogue is a little difficult task.

Hope you enjoyed the gallery 

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Stay Voguish, Stay Happy