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14 Dec


Mumbai – the city of dreams. The city that literally never sleeps & where you’re bound get wings to fly & achieve your dreams, the heart of fashion lovers. Known for its landmark locations, shopping harbour, food joints, iconic sea link, forts & much more than I can put in words. To summarise it Mumbai is all about Fun, Food & Fashion!

            As I earlier mentioned in a previous post, I hail from a small town, where fashion wasn’t much appreciated and neither incensed, which made me land up in this beautiful city. And so far, I consider that to be the best decision of my life as I’ve witnessed the city fulfilling the dreams of those who work towards them.

            I still remember, the iconic Bandra fort being my accomplice from the daily hustle bustle. Where I would relax & observe Mother Nature & the might of human power.While when the sea link was getting built, i used to feel proud on this beautiful combination of beauty with brain that is science and expertise. Soon the iconic Sea Link was thrown open & it became my late night escape for long drives, appreciating the efforts of making that beautiful stunning bridge. Consequently it built a strong connection with the Bandra – Worli Sea Link.

For my next post, the my visionary photographer  suggested to keep the shoot at Bandra fort, as he was pretty sure of capturing the beautiful view from the fort. I too agreed, but I was also of the opinion that we click a few shots at the Sea Link. Although he refused, as he did not wish to get into any legal affairs. After putting in much efforts, he finally agreed, though only for 2-3 clicks.

        Another thing now which was as special as the location was this dress.This really cute chic dress was a treat to wear. I absolutely adore floral prints and this dress took over my mind. My friend suggested me this store "LASHA" and on visiting, i found that they have this splendid stunning collection of so cute chic dresses simple, elegant yet classy. I could visualise myself pairing it with a black top, with bare minimum accessories. 

         We finished the Bandra shoot early morning & headed straight to the Sea Link and ensured we finish in a couple of minutes. But to our luck, we did end up being penalised for breaking the law, which doesn’t allow to stop or click photographs on the Sea Link. However we’re highly obliged it didn’t result to anything serious.

Now, while writing this blog, i feel that whatever happened at-least we managed to take 2-3 shots at the sea link and i am able to feature this beautiful location on my blog!

Hope you enjoyed our efforts,

Until my next post,

Stay voguish Stay Happy


Photography by Kanti Maru , Skirt from Lasha, top from Vinegar, Make up by Rita Rathod, Hair styling by Shobha Hwale.





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