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16 May



I just thought of sharing this quick home remedy for skin tan and uneven skin tone. To be honest this face pack, mix almond and raw milk paste, is working really well for me and gives a decent result. I must say the results are quite convincing.
Lately I noticed a lot of skin problems especially tanning of skin and uneven skin tone. Many a times I thought of going for a skin treatment, to get rid of these skin issues but due to work commitments, I barely get enough time. But I really needed a solution for this without compromising my responsibilities. So I tried this almond face pack. I used to apply this back when I was in college but then completely forgot about this when I started skin treatments. And guess what, it again proved me that home remedy is the best way for quick fix, especially when you are running short of time to visit a salon.

To prepare this facial pack,

1. Soak 3-5 almonds in milk overnight.

2. The next day, make a granular mixture of these almonds with milk.

3. Apply the paste on your face for 20 minutes until it gets completely dried.

4. Later, wash your face with cold water.

It is kind of a cream that can be applied overnight or  after a thorough massage. Almond face pack can be used for all skin types, to get fairer complexion and smooth skin.
Try it and let me know how did you find it.
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