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17 Oct


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Pendants are independent jewelry, just like you, it's unique in its make. A simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that goes with all your favorite looks. Pendants are single-piece jewelry with no add on decorative required is stunning and suits all your favorite attire.

I have been wanting to share about this cute heart-shaped lock and a key pendant for a while now, but as you know I have been busy with my personal endeavors lately. More on that later, lots of good news coming up, stay tuned!!!

I believe this is one of the best gold pieces of jewelry I have ever owned and I couldn't resist myself from sharing this with you girls. Though I have a good collection of gold jewelry and I do get complimented for my gold choices yet this simple piece of jewelry is certainly one of the most complimented jewelry pieces from my collection.

My baby, she never had shown interest in my jewelry ever but this time she came up to me and said mom it's so cute I love it! She was not the only one, the girl behind the ticket counter at the Qatar airport was gazing at my pendant and asked me where she could get one for herself.

I have the best taste or what! I knew it was beautiful, the cute heart-shaped pendant but never did I imagine people would actually come to me and compliment it or they'd ask me about where did I get it from and everything. You know we women blush a little more when we get compliments about our choices. I was blushing. I had a big smile on my way back home.

I went back home and my neighbor, an old lady saw me wearing it and she was like oh my god! That's such beautiful jewelry you got there. She asked me if I could manage to bring her the same piece when I visit India the next time. She said it would look perfect on her daughter as well. Though I wasn't sure I am gonna get it I promised her that I'll try my best.

And guess what  I made a lot of friends on this short trip to India.  All thanks to this unique neckpiece.




A simple single chained 18ct gold necklace with very fine finishing. The best part of this necklace is that the tiny key in the pendant is in white gold which gives it a very elegant and eye-catching look. The surface of the pendant is solid and flat and it shines under light. The chain length can be of your choice, you could wear it as a choker, or it could fall just above your collarbone, or below your neckline.


I mostly wear it as a single piece in my neck along with the diamond stud but at times I club it up with two or three layers of delicate chains which has light and delicate pendants in it. I'll share more about that in my coming posts.

It suits perfectly for an evening look or an office look. The beauty of pendant jewelry is that you can ace both the chic and classic look. You can wear it with any outfits rights from western to traditional and can be combined with other prices too.


But if right now you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved one for Diwali or Christmas then this could be your best gift ever. It symbolizes your heart and the key to it lies within yourself. What more do you need than the assurance of self-love?

This is good especially your girlfriend sister or if you want to surprise your wife with a beautiful light-weighted gold necklace this could be your best buy of 2019. I would highly recommend this piece of 18ct gold necklace which I got from Malabar jewelers Qatar located at Al Watan Centre Doha Qatar. For price do check on their stores Malabar Gold and don’t forget to share your thoughts on it.

Until my next post

Stay voguish stay happy





Necklace- Malabar Gold

Top- Zara

Skirt- Miss Selfridge

Shoes- Dunes



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